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Florida Keys Dive Sites

Take a look at the gorgeous dive sites in the Florida Keys


The Yellow Submarine Barge

Dive Site: Yellow sub barge

Depth: 80 Feet

Site Type: Wreck

A 12 ft replica submarine sits a top an old push barge. Our buddy “stumpy” calls it home. He’s a very old logger head turtle who has a bum flipper.

Alexander Barge

Dive Site: Alexander Barge

Depth: 100 ft

Site Type: Wreck

A push barge surrounded by bridge rubble, good for larger critters.

Shark Awareness Dive

Once a week or by request we do our shark awareness dive.  This dive is to educate about and experience sharks.  Here in the Keys its mostly nurse sharks, but occasionally bulls, reefs or hammers will come in.  Shallow patch reef in 25 ft of water.  Be ready to hang with a bunch of nurses!


Dive Site: Morada

Depth: 20 ft

Site Type: Reef

Shallow reef known for its purple sea fans.

Rocky Top 

Depth: 20-30

Site Type: Reef

A shallow patch reef beaming with life.

Alligator Reef

Depth: 20 ft

Site Type: Reef

The infamous Alligator Reef, named after the USS Alligator that ran aground.


Depth: 35-60

Site Type: Reef

A nice ledge with a big “Crater” like sand hole in the middle.

The Drop

Depth: 50-90

Site Type: Reef

A nice wall that drops from 50 to 90 feet. Keep an eye out for rays.


Depth: 25

Site Type: Reef

Unique site that has actually two separate reef patches. Known for lobster hang outs. 

Davey Crocker

Depth: 20

Site Type: Reef

One of the most highest populations of fish life in our area.  Schools fish, nurse sharks, eels and turtles.  This is a must dive.


Depth: 60

Site Type: Reef

60 ft ledge known for shark activity (Not Guaranteed).  But lots of other critters if the sharks don’t come out to play.

The Bibb

Depth: 105-130

Site Type: Wreck

The sister ship to the Duane, the Bibb lies in 130 ft of water.  Unlike the Upright Duane, she lies on her side.  So the dive is 105 ft or deeper.  Located very close to her sister, and being that she is on her side, the Bibb is passed over most of the time to dive the Duane.  Advanced divers only due to depth and current, but a treat that must be part of your diving bucket list.

The Duane

Depth: 60-125

Site Type: Wreck

The Duane is 300ft Coast Guard cutter.  She was intentionally sunk in 1985 as part of the artificial reef program.  She lies upright in 125 feet of water.  You hit the radar tower at 60 ft and the deck around 100.  She is a must do dive in the Keys.  But due to her depth and possible currents, it’s for advanced divers only.  If you’re not advanced we can get ya there!

The Fingers

Depth: 35-75

Site Type: Reef

If you look at your hand this is what this site looks like.  It has a large reef area with finger like spurs.  We’ve encountered everything from eagle rays to dolphins here.  And look close in the sand to see numerous yellow headed jawfish.


Depth: 30-90

Site Type: Reef

Runway has a large sand channel running the entire length of the site.  From above it looks like a runway.  A very popular spot for fisherman due to contours of the bottom.  This spot is where we also do our reef clean up and come up with numerous anchors, fishing line and other goodies.


Depth: 40-90

Site Type: Reef

This site gets it name after the bull shark.  Its on one of our walls and seems to be a popular spot for the bully.  If you’re lucky enough to see one, take in the moment because they are beautiful.

Victory Reef 

Depth: 40-90

Site Type: Reef

As pretty of a wall that the Keys has to offer. This spur and groove reef starts at 40 feet and drops down to 90.  It offers very large cannon like grooves as you descend down the wall.  At the base of the wall you’ll find solitary coral heads that the invasive (must be removed) lionfish like to hang on.


Depth: 25-35

Site Type: Reef

Ham is another little patch reef that is absolutely full of life.  You will see grunts and goat fish by the hundreds here. The reef itself resembles swiss cheese and because of this harbors many juvenile critters.  Around the outer part of the reef is a ledge system with many under-cuts.  Take a moment to peek under them to wink at nurse sharks and eels.

Captain Grumpy

Depth: 25-25

Site Type: Reef

A nice patch reef that is known for its nurse sharks.  The surrounding topography is grass offering a very good chance at spotting turtles.  With many nooks and crannies throughout the reef divers will encounter different eel species, including, green moray, spotted moray, goldentail and viper.  This reef was not named after IDC’s own Captain Scott, though some may think so 🙂

Davis Reef

Depth: 15 – 30 Feet

Site Type: Reef

Resource managers made this reef, in 15-30 feet, a sanctuary preservation area in order to ensure the protection of its well-established gorgonians, such as sea rods, sea whips, sea feathers and sea fans. After rubbing Buddha’s Belly, next to the large brain coral, you may even see the large green morays, nurse sharks, and stingrays that also call this reef home.

Crocker Wall 

Depth: 30 – 60 Feet

Site Type: Reef / Wall

Located on the south end of Crocker Reef (30-60 feet), the wall sports spur and groove formation with mounding coral heads on top in 60-80 feet of water and is a great sea slope dive. Large fish, turtles, barrel sponges, sea fans, green morays, etc. can frequently be seen.

Hens and Chickens

Depth: 10-20 Feet

Site Type: Reef

This beautiful patch reef in 10-20 feet of water is great for both diving and snorkeling. The large brain and star coral mounds surround the site along with a forest of purple sea fans. Some of the mounds are close to 15 feet in height and create a labyrinth for divers. Don’t let the shallow depths fool you. This is one of the most unique reefs that the Florida Keys has to offer.

The Eagle

Depth: 110′

Site Type: Wreck

Built in Holland in 1962, the Eagle is 269 feet in length. The freighter was intentionally sunk in December of 1985 and can be found at 70-110 feet. Hurricane Georges split her hull in two back in 1998. The wreck is popular among both divers and fish. Tarpon, goliath groupers, schools of grunts, and jacks can frequently be found there. With her split hull, a crow’s nest, a four-blade propeller, and plenty of diver-friendly penetrations, the Eagle is a must for wreck enthusiasts.