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Our Crew

Meet the team

No matter how cool your shop is or how equipped your dive boats are, the “Crew” is what will make your ocean adventure special. And we may be biased, but our crew is the best!

Tyler Morris

a group of people wearing costumes

Job: Marketing Director/instructor

Favorite Dive Site: Victory Reef

Favorite Keys Restaurant: His BBQ

Tyler is originally from Texas and then Tennessee where he still owns a pilates studio. But he loves the Keys and instructing and we are happy to have him. Tyler not only is one of our instructors but also our Marketing Director. He has amazing photography skills and loads divers up with fantastic images on our social media platforms. At the shop he’s hard to miss, he’s the one in the cowboy hat.

Josh Cohen

a person standing next to a body of water

Job: Training Director

Favorite Dive Site: Spiegel Grove 

Favorite Keys Restaurant: Dominos

Josh is from Massachusetts and is our training director. He not only watches over our instructors he trains Dive masters to become Instructors. He also heads up or IDC (Instructor Development Course). Josh also loves fast little cars and Rupert (his frenchy).

Doug Hyland

a man swimming in the water

Doug is another instructor from the Buckeye state. As a retired firefighter Doug has a unique set of training skills that sets him apart. If you’re taking a rescue course from us, Doug’s course Advanced Rescue is a must. You’ll learn so much more than the standard, which will only you enhance your diving confidence and skills.

Captain Alison Matherly

a person in a swing

Job: Captain

Favorite Dive Site: Yellow Sub

Favorite Keys Restaurant: Conch House

Alison’s experience on a boat is too long to list.  She’s captained or crewed boats ranging from a dinghy to the Americas cup sailing vessel.  And she can drive a dive boat like a boss.  She knows her way around an engine compartment and climbs sail masts for fun.  She’s a safe and super fun captain, and that makes the best type of captain in our eyes.

Charlotte (Charlie) Dean

a group of people in a swimming pool

Job: Instructor

Favorite Dive Site: Davey Crocker

Favorite Keys Restaurant: Dillons

Charlie is a midwest girl from Iowa. She worked in the Caymans before we found her and stole her. Super bubbly and kind, you’ll find her teaching and guiding and helping run the shop with Matt.

Sophia Hattemer

a man swimming in the water

Job: Instructor

Favorite Dive Site: Davey Crocker

Favorite Keys Restaurant: Tiki bar

Sophia joins us from the Buckeye State.  She completed her instructor course with us and we didn’t let her leave.  She’s an incredibly patient instructor with a constant smile on her face.

Captain Bob Eskew

a man standing next to a body of water

Job: Captain

Favorite Dive Site: Yellow Sub

Favorite Keys Restaurant: Hobos

Captain Bob has run many many dive boats in his life.  He comes to us form Sarasota where he owned his own dive boats for years.  He decided he’d prefer someone else pay for all the repairs but still is eager to do them. A great captain and great mechanic.

Alanna Hall

a man swimming in the water

Job: Instructor

Favorite Dive Site: Davey Crocker

Favorite Keys Restaurant: Sharky’s

Alanna (Lana) sailed over from Arizona with her fur baby Sophia.  She’s full of energy and her students love it.  If she’s not guiding or instructing you’ll find her scootering around our reefs.

Seanna Knight

Job: Instructor / Conservation Specialist

Favorite Dive Site: Davey Crocker

Favorite Keys Restaurant: Hobos

Seanna is from Maryland and is our go-to liaison for all our conservation programs.  She is super knowledgable in marine debris clean ups, shark aware and coral restoration.  When you take part in one of these activities, you’ll be in good hands.

Nathan Sterns

a group of people on a boat in the water

Job: Instructor/Conservation

Favorite Dive Site: Duane wreck

Favorite Keys Restaurant: Tacos Jalisco

Nate comes from the great state of Massachusetts.  He’s an excellent instructor and helps out with our conservation programs.  He’s our ocean garbage picker, so he’s got that going for him…which is nice.

Angeline Lawson

a group of people swimming in the water

Job: Instructor

Favorite Dive Site: Rocky Top

Favorite Keys Restaurant: Ziggy Mad dogs

Angeline moved a little south from Alabama.  Don’t let her small stature fool ya, she’s as tough as nails.  An amazingly patient instructor and is wonderful with the kiddos.  Nicknamed the “Pink Angel” by our guests, you wont lose her colorful gear underwater.

Devon Buttenshaw

a man swimming in the water

Job: Instructor

Favorite Dive Site: Victory Reef

Favorite Keys Restaurant: Bayside Gourmet

Devon comes to us from the Garden state of New Jersey.  You’ll find Devon in the pool a lot teaching our new divers.  He’s a great instructor with really fun energy.

Captain Jason Adams

a person standing in front of a body of water

Job: Captain

Favorite Dive Site: Alligator Deep

Favorite Keys Restaurant: Dillons

Jason is a pure southern charmer from North Carolina. He heads up our vessel the “Aquatic Liberty”.  He’s the chillest, most laid back Marine you’ll ever encounter.

Captain Greg Lehman

a man wearing sunglasses

Job: Captain/Instructor

Favorite Dive Site: Victory Reef

Favorite Keys Restaurant: Snappers

Captain Greg comes to us from Pennsylvania.  He drives all of our boats and is our head captain for private charters.  His background is in mechanics so if you don’t see his face driving a boat you’ll probably see the other end sticking out of an engine compartment.

Jessi Goring

a person and a dog on a boat in the water

Job: Instructor / Shop

Favorite Dive Site: Crocker Wall

Favorite Keys Restaurant: Old Tav

Jessi moved to the Keys from the Show me state of Missouri.  As one of our top instructors you’ll find her in the pool and occasionally off-gassing in the shop.  Keep an eye for her furry partner “Fin” who accompanies her in shop and sometimes on the boat. Make sure that you say hi to Jessi before you say hi to Fin though!

Kiera Stilson

a person in a swimming pool

Job: Shop Sarge / Instructor

Favorite Dive Site: Bully Good

Favorite Keys Restaurant: Dillons Irish Pub

Kiera is from places unknown.  Maybe Ireland maybe Philadelphia.  We really don’t know.  We theorized its probably because she’s in hiding from the authorities.  But she’s a riot on the boat so were going to overlook that.  You’ll find Kiera (if thats her real name) mostly working the counter, and answering your calls and emails. We do allow her out on the boat on rare occasions.  All jokes aside she’s an asset to our family and we love Sarge.

Kelsey Miller

a person swimming in the snow

Job: Instructor

Favorite Dive Site: Davey Crocker

Favorite Keys Restaurant: J’Dao – Sushi

Kelsey joins the team from the beautiful state of Oregon.  She’s taught scuba in other Caribbean destinations but choose the Keys as home and we couldn’t be happier.  An amazing instructor you’ll typically find her in the pool or teaching on the boat.  Kelsey is part time while she pursues nursing school, but we will never let her leave entirely.

Captain Eric Billips

a person riding on the back of a motorcycle

Job: Owner, Captain and Instructor

Favorite Dive Site: The Eagle

Favorite Keys Restaurant: Kaiyo Grill and Sushi MM 81.7 Oceanside

A hobby became a passion and then a dream became a reality for Captain Eric with the opening of Islamorada Dive Center. Eric traded his business suit for a wetsuit when he moved to the Florida Keys from Michigan. His credentials include: PADI Master Instructor, Rebreather Instructor, Spearfishing Instructor, US Coast Guard Captain, Author of “Spearfishing the Upper Keys” and the PADI specialty class, “Underwater Hunter.” On his surface intervals Eric can be found lifting heavy objects, staring at motorcycles, or playing with his mini me, Bodie.

Grace Billips

a person standing next to a body of water

Job: Instructor / Guide

Favorite Dive Site: The Shrimp Boat

Favorite Keys Restaurant: Cheeca Lodge MM 82 Oceanside

Grace hails from Michigan.  She’s an instructor but mostly helps run the shop with Hubby Eric.  She’s responsible for keeping that shop trendy and cool.  Addicted to the sea you’ll find her, in her free time, diving, crabbing or simply hanging on the boat.